Marine Procurement Solutions

Vard Electro Canada’s in-depth knowledge of the Canadian marine environment, combined with our global supply base expertise and demonstrated capabilities, enables us to implement a scalable and tailored approach, based on industry best-practices. Focused on value generation and cost reduction, we are committed to finding the right solutions for the project. This includes procuring equipment and services that meet the needs of the engineered design for the ship.

Vard Electro Canada utilizes a comprehensive strategy to marine procurement where we look at all established suppliers on the market to ensure the equipment is best suited for the client and specific vessel requirements. Our team is experienced, not only in commercial equipment procurement processes, but also with government processes, including those for defense-related projects. Using innovative, fair, and transparent procurement practices, Vard Electro Canada seeks to obtain competitive proposals to determine the best technical value at the right price.

Long Lead Items (LLI) Support

Vard Electro Canada manages end-to-end supply chain solutions, including the integration process. Our team provides full support for long lead items (LLI) procurement and supply chain activities including:

  • Procurement advisory, planning, and strategy
  • Equipment and services procurement and proposal evaluation
  • Contract negotiation and execution
  • Contract management, including:
    • Administration
    • Expediting, logistics, and warehousing
    • Change management
    • Invoicing
  • Risk assessment, mitigation, and crisis management

Procurement Opportunities: OMX

We continually update on Offset Market Exchange (OMX) with information on our procurement opportunities. Please find Vard Electro Canada on OMX to view active procurements and other information.

SeaQ Product Options

VARD, with Vard Electro AS, developed the SeaQ line of products encompassing design, system integration, marine electronics, and marine electrical systems to meet the needs of the marine marketplace. More information about these products is available on the VARD website.

It’s important to note that Vard Electro Canada maintains a comprehensive approach when it comes to sourcing equipment and services, but we’re open to discussing more about the SeaQ products, should they be a fit for the specific vessel.

Marine Electrical Design

Everything from concept development through to production
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System Integration Services

Includes hybrid power & propulsion for vessels
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